UMS Executive Team 2020-21

Meet the current executive team of the UMS! To see our previous executives, go to the Past Executives page.

Elizabeth Xiao
Elizabeth is a fourth year Mathematics student. A morally ambiguous Byronic heroine, her favourite platonic solid is the dodecahedron and she is often observed claiming that she can't get anyone to do algebra with her! She is also responsible for running the website.

Email: pres [AT] ums [DASH] ubc [DOT] com
Sylvester Li
Vice President
Sylvester is a fourth year Mathematics student.
Yvonne Wong
Yvonne is a fourth year Math/CS student and speedcuber.
Henry Xia
Social Coordinator
Henry is a third year Math/CS student who likes chess and table tennis. He once was an engineer but has now crossed over to the dark side.
Kim Dinh
Academic Coordinator
Kim is a third year Math/CS student.