UMS Executive Team 2020-21

Meet the current executive team of the UMS! To see our previous executives, go to the Past Executives page.

Elizabeth Xiao
Elizabeth is a fourth year Mathematics student. A morally ambiguous Byronic heroine, she is often observed claiming that she can't get anyone to do algebra with her, even though it is actually just a reference to her favourite song! She is also responsible for running the website, so whenever it is broken it is definitely her fault.

Email: pres [AT] ums [DASH] ubc [DOT] com
Sylvester Li
Vice President
Sylvester is a fourth year Mathematics student. Contrary to what the image on the side may lead you to believe, he is not often surrounded by woodland animals like a Disney princess.

Yvonne Wong
Yvonne is a fourth year Math/CS student and speedcuber. She designed all of the bitmojis on this page, which is why they so accurately represent the executives. Thanks Yvonne!
Henry Xia
Social Coordinator
Henry is a third year Math/CS student who likes chess and table tennis. He once was an engineer but has now crossed over to the dark side.
Kim Dinh
Academic Coordinator
Kim is a third year Math/CS student. He is a man who must be feared and respected for writing exams at 5am. He is also a Putnam champion!