Old Websites

The UMS and its predecessor, the UBC Math Club, have a long history on the internet. Here are some previous incarnations of our club’s websites!

This page also serves as a fascinating look into the progress of web design throughout the decades. Some of the websites are even available to look at through the Wayback Machine!

1998-2002: http://www.math.ubc.ca/~mathclub

Archived Link: February 19th, 1998

The Math Club’s website used to be hosted right under the Math Department’s domain. This site shows the austere, brutalist style of those late 1990s websites that were not dominated by starry backgrounds and animated GIFs. If you look at the source of this website, then you’ll find that the design was based on that of the website of a certain Richard Anstee! At this point in time, CSS was still in its infancy, so most website layouts were constructed using tables and various HTML styling attributes. The Math Club’s website was no exception.

2003-2007: http://www.math.ubc.ca/~mathclub

Archived Link: February 22nd, 2003

Around or before 2003, the Math Club’s website adopted a two-column layout, which was very evocative of mid 2000s academic websites. The use of the default system font Times New Roman lends the site an authoritative air. The webmasters showed evident concern for semantic emphasis vs. styling, as the bolded headers for news entries are styled using a class called .updates instead of being surrounded by <b> or <strong> tags! This was quite forward-thinking for an era before Web 2.0!

2008-2012: http://ubcmathclub.org/

Archived Link: December 2nd, 2008

At some point before September 2008, the Math Club obtained its own domain at ubcmathclub.org! We do not recommend visiting this domain, as it is now owned by an organization with no affiliation to the UMS. This website has a stylish and streamlined monochromatic design. Markup validation was all the rage in this era and the Math Club website was certified to have Valid HTML 4.01 and CSS. During this period, the Math Club had a dedicated webmaster in its executive team.

2019-20: https://ums-ubc.com/

Archived Link Unavailable

In 2019, the UMS returned to the internet with a new domain to reflect its new branding as a department-affiliated student society. This website was designed by treasurer Cindy Tan in the summer of 2019. The modern responsive design reflects a time when over half of internet users access the web through mobile devices. In order to cope with the ever-increasing demand for exam packages, Cindy also created an online exam booking system, which continues to be used today.

2020-21: https://ums-ubc.com/

This version of the website is the one that you are looking at today!