First Place: Team “SO(3)” – University of British Columbia
Arvin Sahami, Young Lin, & Oliver Ni.

Second Place: Team “GG” – University of British Columbia
Yunpeng Gao & Zongyang Gao.

Third Place: Team “The rest of the problems are left as an exercise to the reader” – Simon Fraser University
Hailey Ahn.

Average Scores & Solutions

Contest Instructions

The UBC vs. SFU competition is held online for undergraduate students at UBC and SFU. The exam paper consists of 4 sections corresponding to 4 topics: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, and Number Theory. Each section has 2 problems. Teams of up to 3 students work together and choose 1 problem from each section to solve.

Timeline (Feb 26)
Zoom welcome and rules: 12:00-12:30 pm

Contest starts: 12:30 pm
Contest ends: 3:30 pm
Deadline for submission: 4:00 pm

Students should submit their exam solutions as a pdf document (you may type or write and scan your solutions) to one of these email addresses:
ums.ubc@gmail.com or math-pres@sfu.ca. Use your team name as the email title.

1. The contest is open book and internet; however, you should not communicate with anyone outside of your registered team. 
The solutions can use any material taught in some undergraduate course, but cannot use material from pure graduate courses. 
3. You have 30 minutes after the contest end time to polish your answers and to scan and submit. We are not receiving further submissions past 4 pm.
4. The contest organizers will be available to answer logistics questions on zoom during the contest time
5. Please do not include your names or any identification in your submitted document. Only include the team name as your email title.
6. We will not grant regrade requests. (The exam papers will be graded by UBC and SFU professors.)